"War with Luxembourg is the only alternative to putting up with their shenanigans" - Joseph Papparelli

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War Against Luxembourg

My name is Joseph Papparelli and I want to go to war against Luxembourg.

I am a sovereign nation known as the INDEPENDENT NATION OF PAPPARELLI. I am a completely sovereign and independent nation and I want to go to war against Luxembourg.

For those of you who don't know, Luxembourg is a small, cowardly nation located somewhere in Europe. They engage in all kinds of disgusting human rights violations, including refusing to officially recognize the INDEPENDENT NATION OF PAPPARELLI.

I'm sick of their crap. This is why I will soon declare war against Luxembourg and they will pay for their disgusting international garbage. Also, I think they engage in human rights abuses.

This is total crap and I will not stand for it any more.

My dog is called MISTER BIFFY and he is fully in support of my decision to declare war against Luxembourg. He is not a sovereign nation. Rather, he is a protectorate of the INDEPENDENT NATION OF PAPPARELLI. He is also the HobDuke of PAPPARELLI.

If you wish to know more about Papparelli and MISTER BIFFY and the plan to invade Luxembourg, please look at this web site.


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